About Us

Raj Foods has been manufacturing authentic, high-quality meals, cooked with traditional recipes, for over 30 years. We are the longest-serving providers of Halal and ethnic meals for the public sector within the UK. During this time, we have gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the industry and sectors in which we work and forged strong relationships. We are proud that many of our clients have been satisfied customers for over 20 years.

Today, Raj Foods manufactures and supplies authentic Halal ethnic meals to hospitals, meals on wheels services, care homes, schools and universities across the UK.

As an innovative and progressive company, we are continually launching new initiatives designed to improve quality and customer service. The Raj Foods meal range now includes: Asian Halal, Asian Vegetarian, Gujarati, African Caribbean,African, Chinese, Middle Eastern, non-spicy Halal and Kosher to reflect and meet the needs of our multi-cultural society and diverse market place.