Health Care Meals

One of the challenges in patient feeding is catering for all dietary or cultural requirements, as well as a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

At Raj Foods, we know that a nutritionally-balanced diet is vital for aiding patient recovery. With the availability of variety and choice, patients are more likely to find a meal they enjoy, ensuring they eat well and recover faster.

We put your patient’s nutritional needs and wellbeing first. Our extensive range of ethnic meals has been authentically prepared so that your patients have genuine choice and can be confident about what they are consuming.

We understand that if patients eat well they are more likely to recover sooner. We have invested a lot of time and money to ensure that our meals taste good and look appealing as well.

We never compromise on the flavour and quality of our dishes. Everyone works together to ensure each meal and dessert is nutritious, healthy, and nothing less than delicious.


“I have just been discharged from hospital following a serious stroke. At the hospital, I had the pleasure of eating your meals, and wondered how to get them at home? I’m 19.. and completely paralysed on one side.. and they are the only things that make me smile. God bless you all”.

Patient at Princess Royal Hospital, Telford

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