Social Care Meals

Raj Foods caters for all ethnic and religious requirements in social care settings, including meals on wheels and care homes.

Nutritious and tasty food plays a big role in keeping elderly and vulnerable people in good health and spirit, whilst helping to prevent and reduce malnutrition. We understand that encouraging residents and service users to eat well can be challenging, that is why we put so much effort into creating an extensive choice of nutritious and tasty meals and special diet options that meet the dietary needs and preferences of a variety of religious and cultural backgrounds.

At Raj Foods, we offer a wide range of meals that meet many different cultural and religious needs, including Halal Asian, Asian Vegetarian, African Caribbean, Gujarati, African, Chinese and Middle Eastern Meals.

We will always work closely with you to address any individual challenges you may face, including language and/or cultural understanding.

Our wide range of meals and desserts, along with our expertise in menu planning, can help to create appealing menus that offer the variety and choice to maintain residents’ interest in eating and help you to avoid menu fatigue.

To speak to one of our advisors about your meal requirements please call 020 8965 6533 or email