Products & Services

Raj Foods manufacture and distribute a wide range of Halal and ethnic meals to meet the many different cultural diversities. These meals are all authentically made ensuring that they are always consistent, smell, taste and look attractive so is appetising to all.

The meals are available in individual containers as well as multi-portion for service catering and are ideal for schools and hospital restaurants. Raj Foods can also supply kosher meals that are accredited by Kedassia to provide a one-stop-shop for all our customers.

The Raj Foods Meal Range includes:


– Asian Halal
– Asian Vegetarian
– Gujarati (without onions and garlic)
– Halal Pureed
– Non – Spicy Halal
– African Caribbean
– African
– Chinese
– Middle Eastern
– Kosher

Translation Menus are available for our Asian Halal and Vegetarian meals in 7 key Asian languages.

For a copy of the actual menus or for more information then please contact Raj Foods on or call 020 89656533